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EXIT Real Estate 540 presents CoRE #126

Welcome to the January 26th, 2009 edition of the Carnival of Real Estate (CoRE #126).  I was excited to hear that I was hosting this week’s CoRE on short notice.  Now I haven’t been around blogging or the real estate world too long (2007 and 2005 respectively), but I like to think I am learning, growing and changing as I research articles, sell homes, and deal with clients.  In honor of that (hopefully) constant change and improvement as well as this last week being the 56th Presidential Inauguration with the theme of ‘change’, I thought it only fitting to present this week’s CoRE with a salute to CHANGE. 

There were around 30 entries with 26 eligible for awards.  Thanks to everyone that submitted to the Carnival this week.  There was a good deal of excellent writing and strong opinions on a number of fantastic blogs.  It’s now my honor to present the winners if the 126th Edition of the Carnival of Real Estate.

Third Runner up…the EGG AWARD goes to:

Denny Oh from Sandiegoh.com with his entry…4 Things to Know About Real Estate in 2009.  Denny recounts an article by Alan Nevin surmising the state of real estate in San Diego while adding his own take on 2009 real estate.  Well-written, interesting stuff with observations about our ever changing market. Thanks, Denny.

Second Runner up…the LARVA AWARD goes to:

Joe Manausa from Tallaassee Real Estate Blog with his entry…4 Market Statistics that will Lead you to Sales Success.  Joe put together some great thoughts about market statistics that actually help instead of confuse the consumer and made some observations about the ‘bottom’ that we’ve all been looking for.  This type of information helps change public ideas about the real estate community’s level of professionalism and knowledge.  Thanks Joe.

First Runner up…the PUPA AWARD goes to:

Claudia Gonella from revealrealestate.com with her entry…One Thing is Clear, Change is Coming.  Claudia gives us an enlightening look at the changing face of International Real Estate in Central America.  Her article is short, to the point, and has some resources to websites I had never heard of.  Thanks Claudia.

And the Winner of CoRE #126…the MONARCH AWARD goes to:

Peyman Aleagha (I think) through GeekEstateBlog with this entry…Online Videos For Your Real Estate Website or Blog.   This is a great post chock full of good info on one of 2009’s biggest issues for tech savvy agents, video.  While it is geared for beginners, it shows the importance of what is bound to be the year that video ‘comes out’ and finally gets more mainstream in it’s use and implementation for real estate.

Honorable Mentions and Posts that Blew up My Skirt (just a metaphor):

Riley Smith | Coconut Grove Realtor presents What does My Blog have in common with the White House Blog? posted at The Real Estate Coconut saying, “Blogging is such an EXTRAORDINARY way to reach and connect with people, that the White House launched their own blog last Tuesday. Surprisingly, the goals of the White House blog are identical to those of real estate bloggers. Communication, Transparency and Participation.”

Cindy Jones presents Buyers-Did You Just Become a Purchased Lead? posted at VA Real Estate Talk.   Cindy tackles the issue of ‘purchased leads’ and why buyers need to read local Realtor blogs instead.

Dawn Rickabaugh presents Seller Financing on Steroids: Developing Trust posted at Note Queen saying, “seller financing strategies for closing real estate transactions regardless of market conditions”

Dan Melson presents There Is Always A Reason For A Low Asking Price posted at Searchlight Crusade.  Dan makes a great point that If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Diane Tuman presents Little-Known Facts bout the White House posted at Zillow Blog, saying, “This is just a fun little post about the White House, timed with President Obama’s inauguration.”

Thanks again to everyone that participated and congratulations to the winner(s).  If you are interested in being considered for the next Carnival of Real Estate, submit your blog article using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found at The Carnival of Real Estate.

Please feel free to comment about the posts, site, or anything that’s on your mind!

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